Workshops for Teachers of English in Bratislava január až marec 2007

 Workshops for Teachers of English in Bratislava January – March 2007

The following workshops are aimed at anyone who is interested in teaching English. They are free of any charge and a great opportunity to pick up some useful ideas and meet other teachers. All the workshops will be held in British Council Learning Centre, Panska 17 and will be delivered by experienced trainers. Light refreshments along with handouts and a copy of the presentation slides will be available to everyone who attends.

Professional Development for English Teachers Friday, 19 January 16.30-18.30

This workshop is aimed at anyone who teaches English and it will focus on some constructive examples of how to rise above those feelings of isolation and stress that are so common with teachers all over the world. Sharing and finding out about new ideas and resources for teaching English can be fun, save you valuable time and help low morale.

Tips for Learners of English Friday, 2 February 16.30-18.30

As teachers it is important that we help learners how to learn for themselves. The workshop will focus on a range of practical learning strategies and ideas that you can pass on to your students. These will include effective ways to learn vocabulary, develop listening and maintain motivation.

Useful Websites for teaching English Friday, 16 February 16.30-18.30

This workshop is aimed at anyone who teaches English and has used a computer at least once! There are now some fantastic websites free of any charge that offer great ideas and resources for teachers of English. This workshop will focus on a few examples of these sites and show you how they can help you in your day-to-day teaching.

Learning Grammar Can be Fun Friday, 2 March 16.30-18.30

Grammar is important but can be boring for learners and teachers! This workshop will present practical classroom activities that make the teaching and learning of grammar a lot more fun and meaningful.

Assessing English: a common framework Friday, 16 March 16.30-18.30

Assessing someone’s competence in English is important but can be very subjective. One person’s ‘intermediate’ can be another person’s ‘advanced’. This session will introduce the Common European Framework which offers a set of practical ‘can do’ descriptions for different levels of competence in a language whether it be English, German, French or Spanish. English learning materials, courses, and tests are making increasing reference to the CEF. This session gives you an opportunity to come and find out what it is all about.

If you or your colleagues are interested in any of these workshops please email to book a place [there is limited capacity so please do book in advance]. Please check our website for up to date details of these workshops and other support for teachers.