Free interactive language charts

Free interactive language charts.

Please could you let me know who the best person to contact is in your organisation about the free interactive language charts (as explained below).

THRASS UK is a British company which helps learners of all ages and ablilities to acquire excellent reading and spelling skills in English. 

As you are an organisation involved in the teaching of English, we thought that you would be interested to hear about some exciting software which is available in several languages (such as English, German, French, Spanish etc) and can be downloaded free of charge from our website. The software can greatly help anyone learning a foreign language and therefore is likely to be of interest to you and/or your colleagues/members (the software is already used in many thousands of schools and homes, by teachers and parents alike).

Our Interactive Calendar Charts are beautifully produced, colourful charts, which are available in English and a variety of foreign languages. They show the days of the week, months, colours and numbers. Copies can either be downloaded and printed free of charge or the Calendar Charts can be used interactively on the screen – when you click on a particular word, children’s voices say the words in the relevant language. These are a really fun way to introduce foreign languages, improve pronunciation and develop speaking and listening skills. Live demo versions in English, Spanish and Polish can be tried on the following link  (where you will also find the downloadable pdf files). Why not take a look – I’m sure that you will  be impressed!

To use the interactive calendar charts on computers, laptops or Interactive Whiteboards (IWB), you will need to download the free Phoneme Machine software from and also register for a Serial Number. The Phoneme Machine includes an interactive version of the English Calendar Chart and more interactive charts (such as German, French, Spanish etc) can be downloaded by using the ‘More’ button (top right of the English Calendar Chart). The charts are available in several European and African languages. The Phoneme Machine itself has sets of moving human lips which pronounce the sounds of English whilst displaying the spelling below. Key English words are also blended together. The main information, including instructions and a PowerPoint are on

I wonder if it would be possible to email colleagues or members with details or include the information in a newsletter or something similar?

Should you require further information, please let me know by email or my landline is +44 1829 741413 (we are based in Cheshire, England).

Please forward this information to any schools or organisations which might find the calendar charts of interest.

For your information, our main website address is and we have a News Board on


Best wishes,

June Collins
International Development
Units 1-3 Tarvin Sands
Barrow Lane